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Who is Assoc. Prof. Berna AKSOY

Your Expert Dermatologist

   A dermatology doctor who has more than 100 national and international scientific publications, book chapters and 3 books that she is the editor of. Dr. Berna Aksoy was born in 1975 in Muğla. She completed her primary education in Akyaka, her hometown, which was then a village and now a tourism paradise, and attended Muğla Commerce High School. She then completed her high school education at Diyarbakır Science High School and Muğla Turgut Reis High School. She completed her medical education at Hacettepe University English Faculty of Medicine between 1992-1999. She won the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Department of Dermatology in 1999 September Medical Specialization Examination (TUS) as the fourth in Turkey and became a Dermatology Specialist in September 2003. Then she worked for 4 years in Keçiören and Siteler District Polyclinics at Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital. She switched to the private sector in 2007 and worked at TDV Private Ankara 29 Mayıs Hospital between 2007 and 2009. Due to family reasons, she changed city in 2009 and moved to Kocaeli in January 2009. She worked at Private Konak Hospital between 2009-2015 and at VM Medicalpark Kocaeli Hospital between 2015-2020 in Kocaeli. As of July 2020, she started to accept patients in her private practice.

  Having received the Skin and Venereal Diseases Proficiency Certificate in 2012, Assoc. Dr. Berna Aksoy was appointed as Assist. Professor in 2016 and Associate Professor in September 2018 . Assoc. Prof. Berna Aksoy has 43 scientific articles published in international journals, 56 articles in national journals, and 14 books and book chapters published by national and international publishers. Assoc. Prof. Berna Aksoy also has 36 papers in international congresses and 117 papers and speeches in national congresses.

   Assoc. Prof. Berna Aksoy has received various awards in her professional life. The first of these was 1998 – Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Successful student of the year, Prof. Dr. M. Seref Zileli Award. 1999 – She became fourth in Turkey with a clinical score of 74,707 in the September Medical Specialization Examination. Held at the September 2003 VI. Lütfü Tat Dermatology Symposium,  she received the Third Place in the National Dermatology Knowledge Contest. October 2016, at the 26th National Dermatology Congress, won the "Best Poster Research" second prize with the study titled “Can oral isotretinoin therapy be a suitable option in the treatment of folliculitis decalvans? Retrospective analysis of 39 male patients". October 2018, at the 27th National Dermatology Congress, she received the third prize for the "Best Poster Research" with the study titled “Assessment of Acne Severity and Effect in Turkey: A Multi-Center Study Using the Acne Severity and Impact Rating System (ASIG)”.

  Assoc. Prof. Berna Aksoy is married (Assoc. Prof. Hasan Mete Aksoy, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist) and has one daugher (Elifsu Aksoy, Okan University, Visual Communication and Design and Public Relations and Advertising student). Assoc. Prof. Berna Aksoy speaks advanced English.

Assoc. Prof. Berna Aksoy started to accept patients in her private practice as of July 2020.

Address: Yenişehir discreet. Democracy avenue. Cinar Street. No: 21/2 Izmit – Kocaeli

(Near Kandıra turn, next to Çınaraltı Künefe)

To reach her, Clinic Tel: +90262 333 4545 GSM: +90531 991 3272


Bank Accounts IBAN (QNB Finnansbank, Account holder name: Berna Aksoy)

TLira TR96 0011 1000 0000 0094 7963 95

USD TR22 0011 1000 0000 0097 5167 34

Euro TR63 0011 1000 0000 0113 5244 88

About Assoc. Prof. Berna Aksoy: Hakkında


Yenişehir Mah. Demokrasi Bulvarı, Çınar sok. No: 21/2 Izmit/Kocaeli


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About Assoc. Prof. Berna Aksoy: İletişim
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